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On The VERGE | July 2015

On Point Branding. Ready to Create.

VERGE turned five in April. Upon reflecting what's made the agency successful the following comes to mind: our history of long-term agency and client relationships, and our ability to build and strengthen brands with strategic planning and well-executed tactics. Our greatest feeling of accomplishment comes from when the client treats us as part of their team, and we work together to meet their goals and objectives. This idea forms the basis of our agency philosophy, "On Point Branding. Ready to Create." On point means up to par and ready to perform at the highest level. We do this through collaborative planning and relationship-focused communication while being accessible, accommodating and working efficiently. We take ideas and turn them into on point tactics to build brands. We are ready to create. Let's get down to business.


Mobile Has Changed Everything! It's changed how we live, how we work, how we communicate and how we buy. - We check out mobiles between 110-150 times daily. - 91 percent of adults have their mobile device within arm's reach 24/7. - 95 percent of all texts are read, and read within 90 seconds of receipt. - 65 percent of all e-mail is opened on mobile devices (16 percent on tablets, 49 percent on smartphones). Mobile is now the first screen worldwide surpassing screen time on PCs and TVs. Mobile has changed our markets more than any other technology or media, ever. Therefore our marketing must also change to attract, engage, and retain valued customers. Make sure you make the most of mobile with these four key questions: How could mobile help your brands deliver time-sensitive and/or location-specific content to target markets? How could mobile help your brands solve problems for key marketing audiences? How could mobile help your brands deliver a deeper, more meaningful experience for target markets? How could mobile help your brands make tasks better, faster and easier for target audiences?


Winning Isn't Everything, Ya Right!

Winning awards isn't everything but they sure make you feel like you did something right! This year VERGE has received ADDY® awards from the American Advertising Awards competition for the USA Office of Development and YellowDay. And just recently we were notified about receiving three awards in the Thirty-Second Annual Healthcare Advertising Awards competition for the USA Mitchell Cancer Institute. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to produce award-winning work!

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