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Social Media: Tips to help you stay committed

Social Media has changed the way we communicate socially and in business. People want to feel like they know you/your business personally and that communication is a two-way street. Social Media provides a platform where they can get to know your brand if they don’t already, or where they can voice their opinions once they get to know your brand.

There is a social network for almost everything; TRIP ADVISOR for the traveler, YELP for restaurant reviews, ZILLOW for real estate. Dating, cooking, cars, arts, the list goes on. You need to research the options that are available and decide which social networks are best for your business.

With so many options, it can become overwhelming. Here are some tips so that you can stay committed to social media without getting in over your head.

1. Start small

2. Commit

3. Have a Plan

4. Have fun

Start Small: Choose one or tow social media sites to start off, don’t try to gain a presence on every site on day one. Take your time so that you can do it right.

Commit: Make a commitment; if you start a social media page, people need to count on your posts to provide relevant content on a regular basis. If you let your social media page lag, they will notice.

Have a plan: Create a Social Media Strategy (with the help of an agency that has experience in social media if need be). Plan out GOOD content in advance and assign someone to the task of posting. Know how many times a day/week you want to post and stick to it.

Most importantly, have fun: This is about your business building a personal relationship with those who use your product. Enjoy those relationships like your would your own friends, build upon those relationships, and capture loyal customers.

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