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Stay top of mind with your clients and prospects

Two sessions of the Social Media Success Summit #SMSS15 last week discussed LinkedIn: How to Stay Top of Mind and Build Authority on LInkedIn by @MelonieDodaro and How to Use LinkedIn Publisher to Attract New Leads and Engage Your Existing Customers by @StephSammons.

During the first session Melonie discussed 5 Ways to Stay Top of Mind.

1. Share Status Updates

2. Make Effective Posts on LinkedIn Groups

3. Send Relevant and Useful Content to New Connections

4. Send Hot Prospects Valuable Content

5. Post Articles on LinkedIn Publisher

Part of Stephanie's session discussed Why Publish on LinkedIn Publisher?

1. To be a thought leader/authority

2. To reinforce your relationship with existing clients

3. To generate new leads or prospects

4. To grow your network

5. To increase your reach and visibility

As you read through both lists by these social media experts you can see how important it is to make regular posts on every platform you use to promote your company and to make sure those posts are written with your target audience in mind.

Additionally, when planning each post it's important to think about the subject matter of your post, the title of your post, the image you use in your post, and how you set up your post, among other things.

Remember the tips above and if you would like to know more about how social media can make your company stay top of mind with your clients and prospects please give us a call.

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