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A Brand Pulling Double Duty

When we took on this branding project for artist B'Beth Weldon our objective was to not only create a brand for her as an artist but also to create a brand for her Gifted Masterpieces program. After the logo work was complete, we found the best way to accomplish this was to make her pieces perform double duty as shown in her stationery package that includes a front-and-back letterhead and business card. This allowed B'Beth to use either brand when needed and promoted both brands at the same time. The brand then extended into an informational brochure about Gifted Masterpieces that she uses to promote her program. For B'Beth it was about being able to promote herself as an artist as well as her Gifted Masterpieces program, for VERGE it was about finding a unique way to be creative and functional while meeting the client's objectives. #BBethWeldon #GiftedMasterpieces

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